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We have long dreamed of the opportunity to craft our product in a sustainable way while creating jobs in the U.S. This year, with the support of you, our loyal customers, we have been able to secure a facility and a team with decades of experience in handcrafting quality product. This facility will allow us to create new manufacturing jobs and carry forward our vision of creating handmade, meaningful product to share a message of hope. We are humbled and thrilled to have this opportunity and we know we wouldn’t be in this position without you, our community.

Early in 2017 the opportunity arose for Lisa and me to purchase Bob Siemon Designs. Founded in 1970 out of the back of Bob’s van, Bob Siemon Designs is recognized as the Christian retail industry’s leading jewelry designer and manufacturer. Since the purchase, we’ve founded Leonard Craft Co and set up shop in a 5 acre, 80,000 square foot building in Santa Ana, California where we now design and handcraft product for Bob Siemon Designs, Stephen David Leonard and Lisa Leonard Designs for worldwide distribution. We are tremendously grateful to invest in American manufacturing in our home state of California. As I’ve written about before, I believe in business as a vehicle to add value to the world rather than taking it.

Lisa and I just returned home from a fantastic visit to Leonard Craft Co. We saw the infectious joy of our team as we are now in the throes of the Christmas Season. This time of year is busy for us as we handcraft each piece, fulfill orders and respond to customer needs. It’s our favorite time of year as we experience the buzz of excitement for the Christmas Season. I am always humbled to have the privilege to participate in people’s Christmas celebrations by being a part of the creation of their meaningful and personal gifts.
Over the years, leading Lisa Leonard Designs, and now Stephen David Leonard, I have heard stories of necklaces and rings and cuffs representing newborn babies, lost loved ones and newfound hope and inspiration. Not long ago I met a woman at a conference I was attending who happened to be wearing a necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs. She told me how this necklace was a precious reminder to her of her family. Her sister gave her the necklace after she lost her third child. The necklace was hand stamped with her family’s names—hers, her husband and their three children. As she shared her journey, the woman gently and unknowingly touched the necklace almost as a physical connection to her children. I have heard these stories from our customer service representatives and handcrafters while they work diligently to get an order to a customer in time for Christmas, or a wedding, a funeral, or a celebration. Our people care so much and it truly touches our hearts to hear how much these pieces are loved and cherished.
All in all, 2017 has been an exciting year for us. Thanks to the support of customers like you, we are building Lisa Leonard Designs, Stephen David Leonard, Bob Siemon Designs and Leonard Craft Co. to sustain quality, handmade, American manufacturing. Lisa and I are committed to create product to inspire you in your journey—to live brave, risk and step into the life God created you to live.

Do you have a necklace or ring that inspired you? I’d love to hear!


  1. Lisa, I have one of your beautiful bracelets that my granddaughter Karly Mills gave me. I never take it off…..love it !!

  2. Come to Indianpolis Indiana and Louisville , Key where we have many plants that have closed we can fill every factory you can open with skilled production workers and skilled trades Hire the 55 to 70 workers to run them Thank you for stepping up and adding Jobs to America

  3. I absolutely love my bundle of charms. I put my 6 kiddos names on them. And I also have the spinner ring but had to have it resizes. Loved it.
    I’m probably going to order your men’s black square ring for my fiancé for our wedding.

  4. I have several pieces of Lisa’s and have given some as gifts and it’s the type of jewelry you never take off. I just saw that Stephen made it as well and I see a lot of pieces that I may make unisex because I love the wide hammered band rings

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