Punching Fear in the Face

51SmKf8ZbuLAs many of you know, I’ve been seeking direction for the next phase of life for a while now. Today, I decided to punch fear in the face and do something. Let me explain. Lisa recently brought home a pre-release version of  Jon Acuff’s new book Start and in many ways the cover irked me so much (I mean check out the phrases “Punch Fear in the Face,” “Escape Average,” “Do Work that Matters” who IS this guy??) that I picked up the book and read it. The book is a reminder that the path to success has changed. Age doesn’t matter the way it did in the past. We all still pass through the phases of Learning, Editing, Mastering, Harvesting and Guiding and we might find ourselves learning at 60 or 40 or 30. His challenge is to “discover your awesome” whatever it is, whether it connects with a title or not, and START pursuing it.

This brings me to this post. Acuff challenges us to list our fears out–journal them so you can see them. Then to systematically write down what’s bogus about each and every one. I just filled three pages of my journal with fears that hold me back. Fears that prevent me from writing blog posts. Fears that keep me complaining about my life rather than pursuing my life. By the time my hand was too tired to keep writing, I was inspired to dust off this blog site and share. If you relate, read this book. If you don’t…well, I don’t totally believe you. If you relate but have already started and keep punching fear in the face in your own way–I’d love to hear your story! Maybe we can journey together and cheer each other on in doing work that matters. Either way, I’m starting.


  1. Hi, Steve. I just read you blog. Thanks for the book recommendation. I recently did a post on my blog called Doubt the Doubts (http://paulblais.blogspot.com/2013/04/doubt-doubts.html). Though mine was talking about faith, the idea is similar in that we are held back by lots of doubts (ie fears). I’m going to check out the book. It looks interesting. I loved how it irked you enough to read it. 🙂
    I see that you were once Pastor Steve. I was once Pastor Paul. Sounds like we’ve walked similar roads. Thanks for jumping back into blogging. I enjoyed your newest post about saying sorry. Very Good.

  2. So loving your blog posts!!!! Do you think as we approach the 4-0 some of us become more introspective?? A few years ago I woke up one morning and just decided that I was done being afraid, I was not going to let my fears……mostly of failure, stand in my way. If I get it in my head that I want to do something, I do it, no excuses. Examples: Half marathons, backpacking, world travel, writing. I can’t begin to describe how wonderfully liberating it is to conquer fear. Quiet honestly I have never been happier and it feels so good to be on this journey. It’s like discovering a whole new me.
    Keep up the blogging!!!! I totally relate!

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