As a cyclist, a motorist, and one whose thoughts drift to question just about everything, I began thinking about this sign the other day.  I see them all over the Central Coast, usually when riding my bike.  “Share the Road”  What does that mean?  Is it speaking to the cars, the bikes or both? (I bet the one usually assumes the other!)  Ever notice they’re on roads without bike lanes?  And what if someone decides NOT to share the road? Is there a “sharing” violation in the legal code? “Mr. Smith, do you know why I pulled you over?”  No officer.  “I’m citing you for a violation of Section 2C.51–unwillingness to share.” I know we’re all taught to share in kindergarten, but no one ever told me that sharing is demanded by the law. Whether or not it’s a citable offense, it’s a good idea, whether on four wheels or two–after all, if we can share the road, who knows what else we might be able to share?

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