The Difference 24 Hours Makes

How quickly things change—taken 24 hours apart, these pictures tell the story of our weekend. David came home from school with a fever last Wednesday. He seems to be holding steady and even improving over the next couple days. Saturday he woke up wheezing and, worst of all, breathing rapidly. Lisa and I kicked into high gear crisis mode.

When David’s breathing turns rapid, a hospital stay—even a trip down to UCLA for an extended stay is a high likelihood. I reached out to my friends to pray for healing for David. In the past I didn’t reach out. I did t want to be dramatic. But I have a couple groups of buddies I know will genuinely seek the Lord for my son. Lisa and I took a beat to make initial preparations in case we ended up in the hospital for the next couple weeks.

We debated about whether to go to the ER or to drive to UCLA, eventually opting for the  local ER. I have to say the doctor and nurses at Sierra Vista were amazing. The doctor came in and asked, “How does this usually go when he gets sick like this ?” He knew this wasn’t our first time going through this.

We decided to get an X-ray of his lungs. As we waited I heard the crackle in David’s lungs. I knew he had pneumonia. We prayed again that Jesus would take the pneumonia from David. By the time the X-ray came back—his lungs were clear! We started him on steroids and antibiotics (5th round this year). And went home.

24 hours later, David was play fighting with me and giving me his huge, light up the room smile and rolling laughter!  The difference 24 hours makes. We’re still watching him and he’s still recovering. But we’re grateful we’re home and he’s getting a little better each day.


  1. As parents of a child with CdLS we get the struggle. So thankful our Lord is healing David. We are continuing to pray. As a side note my husband is a San Luis Obispo native.

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