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6 Silver Rings for Men

sterling silver ring for men

I feel like there’s always been an age-old battle between wearing gold and silver jewelry. While, of course, gold has its place, today I want to talk about silver specifically. What’s so great about it?

First, Let’s examine why men wear rings. Rings are cool, right? They’re such a fashionable way to speak to your values and personality. Men’s band rings are also a rare breed when it comes to affordability and quality. Because they’re so small, it’s easy to find bands that won’t break the budget but are still made of really powerful metal.

Men’s band rings won’t draw too much attention. Obviously, it depends on the reasons why you’re wearing a ring, but if subtle stylishness is your goal, rings will absolutely change the way you view fashion.

Men can be empowered by jewelry, especially if a piece speaks to your journey, which you know, is what I’m all about! There are so many more reasons to don a silver ring for men. Let’s cover those reasons, along with some stylish examples in this post!

Men’s Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Men’s engagement rings are a popular trend now. I think it comes down to more than just gender equality. Of course, it’s so, so important for both partners to feel equal in a relationship or marriage. Because that’s just it– you’re partners. However, I also think it’s about the incredible emotional bond between two people.

A man will give a woman an engagement ring to show and celebrate his commitment to her. If you stop and think about it, it does make sense for it to work both ways! A woman should absolutely be able to give her partner a ring to show her love and commitment to him, too. It ends up in a beautiful dynamic between people in love, unapologetically promising their romance to each other.

As I researched mens rings, I found that men have been wearing engagement rings for far longer than I realized. For example, in Brazil and Sweden, it’s already a long-lasting tradition for men to wear the engagement rings. In Chile, both the man and woman wear engagement rings on their right hands. Once they’re married, they move them over to their left hands. Amazing! The US is now catching on to the man wearing an engagement ring, too, and I am so happy for it.

Getting engaged is such an exciting time in life. It should absolutely be celebrated by everyone involved. Today, 5% of men wear engagement rings. I also found that online searches for mens engagement rings have gone up by 66%! It’s a surging trend that’s most likely going up from here.

Selection of Men’s Engagement Rings

If you’d like to wear an engagement ring yourself, I’ve got some options for you! You’ll need to think about style and finish for men’s sterling silver rings.

For instance, this withstand stacking ring is made of antiqued sterling silver with a textured finish. The wild, but purposeful marks represent the testing times of our lives that shape us into who we are: stories, flaws, and all! It’s also completely customizable. Handstamp a meaningful name, word, or date on the inside of the band, and then stack one to three rings up on your finger. You’ve come this far together; you can withstand anything!

On the other hand, you could go for one like this sterling silver collide with the sky ring. It’s a little thicker and has a smooth finish compared to the withstand ring. It’s all about rising to any occasion and overcoming challenges as we pursue our dreams. It can be a true testament to undying love for each other– that no matter what, you will fight through the hurdles that come up in marriage together. We’ll handstamp the letters/numbers of your choice to the inside of the ring.

Men’s Silver Wedding Bands

Mens Silver Wedding Bands

More and more men are opting for sterling silver band wedding rings these days. I already touched on the fact that gold and silver have always been at odds with each other. Which is best? Well, men are leaning towards sterling silver rings for a few reasons.

The first reason is its look. Silver has its own brilliant look and cool tone you just can’t get from gold. It can complement your clothes better in some cases, depending on your style. You need that kind of versatility in a wedding ring you’ll be wearing all the time.

Men’s silver wedding bands are known to be easier on your wallet, too. Even the most intricate silver bands can cost less than gold rings, bearing they don’t have any expensive diamonds or other gems. Lastly, silver is a super malleable metal. The range of silver styles you can find is practically endless, just because it’s so easy to mold, craft, and personalize. Finally, silver requires very little upkeep. You can safely get your hands dirty without worrying too much about wear and tear.

Men’s Wedding Bands for You

What kind of wedding band should you choose? This valor wide ring is an awesome place to start. With each new thing you try, whether it’s facing a fear, taking a risk, or even overcoming a challenge, that first step requires valor. It means trusting yourself, which is why this ring is tall, thick, strong, and courageous– a great wedding band option to represent your new life!

You can also personalize this ring with any word, name, phrase, or date in uppercase letters. It’s personalized on the inside, so it’s discreet yet meaningful.

Consider also this life together ring pair. It’s all about being a part of something bigger than yourself– a reminder that life is best lived with the people you love. A true testament to the joys of marriage. The ring itself is made up of sterling silver parts forming a bond. Personalize where the rings come together with a significant date or name. Let the ring represent your story as a couple, and as a man in partnership with another.

Stylish Rings for Men

Stylish Rings for Men

You can use men’s fashion rings as a way to express your passions and truth without it invading your unique style. This is– yet again– why so many of us gravitate towards silver. It’s such a safe color. It’s very easy to pull off, regardless of your skin tone and fashion habits.

For instance, men’s silver band rings can work to dress up an outfit for a night out on the town, or it can work to perfectly complement a professional suit for an important meeting. With the right silver ring, you never have to worry about being stylish again.

Check out this bonded rivet ring. Made of sterling silver, it comes with up to 6 bronze rivets to represent the people in your life who you want to show up for every day. The sterling itself is hammered by hand for an antique, vintage feel. It’s one of my favorite rings because it flawlessly depicts that incredible balance of masculinity, love, and style. The fashion statement shines through!

Men’s Signet Ring

Mens Signet Ring

It’s highly likely either you, your father, or another male figure in your life have a signet ring. It’s an engraved ring that’s been used throughout history for thousands of years to depict status, wealth, or power. For example, maybe it was engraved with an important family crest, job title, rank, organization, initials, or name.

Today, it doesn’t quite exemplify the same amount of authority, because we’re not in the age of kings, queens, and nobles anymore. This doesn’t mean it still can’t be used to portray something meaningful. The make your mark signet ring certainly allows you to personalize a men’s signet ring how you wish with either valuable initials or numbers.

To really embody your taste, you can either get it in sterling silver, antiqued silver, or 10k-14k gold. Use it to set your life intentions and boldly mark the world around you– whatever life missions resonate with you.

Silver rings for men represent endless possibilities, from their versatility to look more presentable and stylish for a special occasion to standing firmly in your truth, passions, and confidence. You can use these rings however you like, in whatever way means the most to you. That’s the beauty of self-expression through jewelry. Stepping into the most authentic version of yourself. Shop silver men’s band rings and other men’s jewelry and accessories here.

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