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Give the Best Personalized Pet Gifts

Furry Footprint Collection by Lisa Leonard

I don’t know about you, but my dog is as much a part of my family as my 2 sons are. Our family wouldn’t feel complete without little Louie— he adds so much extra love and fun into our lives every single day! And who can beat those sweet puppy snuggles? If you know someone like me, this Christmas they will fall in love with the best personalized pet gifts!

Our furry friends hold such a special place in our hearts and our homes. Their loyalty and love make each day better and brighter. They leave little paw prints on our hearts that will stay forever, even after they’re gone. With a custom dog ring, custom dog necklace, or other personalized pet jewelry, you can keep your pet close no matter where you are.

Since our pets can be a big part of our families, it only makes sense that they are also a big part of our holiday celebrations. Seeing your little furball lying under the Christmas tree gives a special kind of holiday joy. Celebrate their place in your heart this season with some personalized gifts for dog owners.

Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Furry Footprint Collection by Lisa Leonard

The bond between an owner and their dog is unlike any other! The loyal companionship given by our pups fills our hearts completely. They show us how to be open and love better. Dogs are just so special!

Whether you’re a dog person yourself or don’t have any pets of your own, you can still celebrate the special bond we have with animals this Christmas. By giving your friends and family dog themed gifts, you acknowledge just how impactful this relationship is in their lives. If you know a dog parent, these are the best gift ideas for dog lovers.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Custom dog gifts for owners are such an easy win! A sweet little reminder of their treasured pet is sure to be their favorite gift under the tree this year.

Furry Footprint Ornament by Lisa Leonard

Furry Footprint Ornament

Make sure their pup is a part of the Christmas celebration! Give this sweet paw print ornament to all the dog lovers in your life. From the love they show through kisses and cuddles, to those tail wags that bring a smile to our faces, our dogs give us so much joy.

A Furry Footprint Ornament is a fun great way to celebrate all the happiness they bring this season. These ornaments also make great gifts for dog owners! When your pet lover opens this gift, they’ll want to put it on their tree right away.

My Furry Footprint Ornament makes a heartfelt addition to any Christmas tree! In shiny pewter, your pet’s name will sparkle under the twinkle lights. The adorable paw print deserves a front and center spot year after year. Every time you hang your pup’s ornament, you’ll be reminded of all the joy they bring.

Furry Footprint Stacking Ring by Lisa Leonard

Furry Footprint Stacking Ring

Modeled after my best selling Stackable Name Ring, my adorable Furry Footprint Stacking Ring has its own furry twist— their pup’s name can be hand stamped next to a cute paw print!

This ring goes beautifully alongside my other stacking rings, or it can stand out on its own. Just like with my classic Stackable Name Rings, the edges of these rings are imperfect to give it that one-of-a-kind uniqueness. The paw print is raised so it will stand out on the band, providing a consistent reminder of your favorite four-legged friend.

My Furry Footprint Stacking Rings are the perfect dog lover gifts for her. Give her a ring for each of the pups she has in her life, and she’ll be able to always keep them with her.

Furry Footprint Necklace by Lisa Leonard

Furry Footprint Necklace

The pure love they give freely makes us better people! That’s why our dogs have a special spot in our hearts. With my Furry Footprint Necklace, you can keep them close to heart every day. Celebrate all the love they give with this meaningful design.

These necklaces are super meaningful gifts for dog owners. Get their pup’s name hand-stamped on this sweet paw print pendant so they can keep it close to their hearts. If they have more than one dog, you can add additional necklace charms . This is also the sweetest memorial gift for a beloved dog that is gone but always in their hearts.

Furry Footprint Keychain by Lisa Leonard

Furry Footprint Keychain

Doesn’t the greeting given to us by our pups every time we walk in the front door just make you feel at home? Even if we have a hard day or have been gone for hours, they always welcome us home with showers of love and doggy kisses. They bring so much extra love and comfort to any home!

When we are with our dogs, we feel at home. My Furry Footprint Keychain lets you carry this feeling with you whenever you’re out and about. When you pull out your keys, you will be reminded of that little ball of love ready to welcome you home.

This Furry Footprint Keychain is the best universal gifts for dog lovers. If you don’t know their ring size, or if they don’t often wear jewelry, this gift is a no-brainer. Everyone loves a keychain that shares what matters to them. Give your pet lover a reminder of their favorite furry friend they can always have near. Or they could even add this design to their pet’s collar! How cute!!

Giving Extra Love with Furry Footprint Add-Ons

If your pet lover already has a necklace or bracelet carrying reminders of all they love, why not add another precious memento to it this Christmas? My Furry Footprint bracelet and necklace charm can easily add some extra love to their favorite pieces.

Furry Footprint Bracelet Charm by Lisa Leonard

Furry Footprint Bracelet Charm

A charm bracelet is such a fun way to share your story! By adding and arranging your charms, you can represent all the important moments, milestones, and love in your life. If you know a pet owner who has their own charm bracelet, this paw print charm is the perfect gift for them.

Customize the little Furry Footprint Bracelet Charm with a letter or heart hand stamped inside the paw print to make it extra personal. They will absolutely love this charm dedicated to their pup.

Furry Footprint Necklace Charm by Lisa Leonard

Furry Footprint Necklace Charm

This necklace charm is the sweetest little treat. If you want unique gifts for pet lovers, this design is just what you’re looking for. Giving a Furry Footprint charm lets them choose how they want to wear it. They can easily add the charm to a jumble necklace they already love, or string it on a chain in their favorite necklace length.

Beautiful charms customized with their furry friend’s name are some of the best personalized pet gifts. It allows your pet lover to wear their pet’s name any way they want. Let them decide how to keep their pup close with add-on Furry Footprint charms!

But what’s the best gift for dog lovers?

Any dog owner is sure to love a necklace or ring with their precious pup’s (or cat’s) name hand-stamped on it. With personalized jewelry, they can carry their furry friends with them everywhere they go. It can be hard for us pet owners to leave our pets at home every time we go out. With these best personalized pet gifts, our dog, cat, hamster, or any other beloved pet will always be kept close. Check out my entire Furry Footprint Collection here!

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