Thoughts on Dad Guilt

Father and son relationships are sometimes challenging, often complex, and always special. As both a son and a father, I have experienced the range of how good and hard this relationship can be.

It hit me recently that we only have one year left before Matthias heads off to college. I’ve watched him over 17 1/2 years grow into a thoughtful, creative, and integrous man. I find myself reviewing all the things I want to teach him, evaluating the state of our relationship, and looking for ways to build memories together.

We hear so much about mom guilt, but dad guilt is real, if less talked about. We need to try our best to invest in our kids, knowing we can’t live up to even our own expectations. But we have to keep up the effort even when (especially when) it’s tough.

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  1. Never feel guilt for what you do out of love. Life is hard, we suffer in this world. I often think that those God touches like your son David are so special to Him, they are a reminder to us that all life is sacred and that God regards each human life as a diamond that gives off its own light, a reflection of the Divine Life from which we came and to where we will all return.
    Logic tells us that things aren’t going well, but faith tells us that everything is good in God’s eyes.
    May God bless you all and may your faith carry you through!!

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