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Demand for Men's Jewelry on the Rise

Demand in jewlery

Jewelry is a 26.5 billion dollar industry, but until fairly recently, jewelry for men was a small section of the business. Although COVID hit many industries hard, including fashion and retail, GQ reported last year that men's jewelry sales have boomed during the pandemic.

Men seem to be experimenting with jewelry like never before -- but jewelry for men is hardly new. Men have been wearing jewelry for hundreds of years. Today, a variety of men's subcultures, singers, and celebrities sport jewelry on a near-daily basis.

From hip-hop singers to bikers, hipsters, sports stars, and religious men, jewelry has significance in both meaning and individualist self-expression. Singers like Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz wear stylish men's necklaces, while celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson don bracelets and decorative pendants. In particular, men wearing rings are often seen as powerful and confident.

Jewelry might feel inaccessible to the every-day man, but I’ve noticed more and more men wearing a variety of types of jewelry in recent days. No longer just for celebrities, market research predicts a considerable increase in demand for jewelry over the next several years.

Why Are More Men Wearing Jewelry?

Self-Expression & Individuality

The rise in jewelry for men over the past few years is the result of several factors -- the first of which, of course, is a rise in self-expression.

Jewelry is an excellent way to show personality and individuality. Just as women have conventionally worn jewelry both as decoration and as a way of expressing themselves, men too are discovering that jewelry has the power to represent milestones, important moments, and the story of your life.

Loosening of Gender Roles

Although jewelry was mostly worn by women during the 20th century, today, loosening gender roles allow men to try jewelry without fear of judgment. Not only do celebrities and singers wear jewelry, but many men, both young and old, wear a variety of jewelry types and styles.

I’ve seen more and more men start to wear jewelry on an everyday basis as gender roles have continued to loosen over the past years, whether to represent religion, commitment, or other important life events. In particular, personalized jewelry has come to be seen as an intimate reminder of what’s really important in a man’s life.

Generation Z

In particular, the younger generation has brought jewelry for men back into style. Young Gen Z men wear everything from large necklaces to bracelets. These men see jewelry as an opportunity to express their individuality and represent important moments in their lives.

Gen Z men tend to prefer statement pieces and inexpensive jewelry, as opposed to older men, who often prefer high-end items meant to last a lifetime. This coincides with the generation’s desire to use jewelry as a means of immediate self-expression.

Popular Types of Men's jewelry

I’m proud to offer a wide range of jewelry for men in a variety of styles and materials that are suitable for any age. Whether you prefer the earthy feel of leather or the elegant look of a silver or chrome piece, I’ve ensured that there’s an option for everyone.

Mens Leather Bracelets

Equitable Bracelet

A men's leather bracelet is an excellent first step into the world of jewelry for newcomers. These bracelets can be small and unobtrusive or make a statement with a metal charm or pendant. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Zac Brown wear leather bracelets to accent their style and exude an air of confidence.

This men's black leather bracelet is made from high-quality black latigo leather offset by a square sterling silver bead. Its 10mm wide band and juxtaposition between the dark leather and light bead give the bracelet a grounded, down-to-earth feel that looks almost like a watch from a distance.

I designed men's leather bracelet like this one to be easy-to-wear and compatible with all kinds of styles. The Equitable Bracelet in particular is straightforward, simple, and angular, making it an excellent choice for any man just starting his jewelry collection. It’s also personalizable for an extra added touch of personal meaning and intimacy.

Mens Sterling Silver Rings

valor wide ring

Many men prefer simple materials, and sterling silver is one of the most popular. Thanks to its simultaneously polished and organic look, silver makes for elegant men's necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

The Strong + True Ring is constructed from sterling silver with a hammered finish. Pieces with a hammered finish have both interesting color and texture, with curved edges and angles contrasting with the highlights and shadows of the metal. The tiny rivets hand-carved into each corner add an industrial feel, while the personalizable interior can be carved with up to 10 characters of your choice.

If you prefer a smoother look, the Valor Wide Ring is simply and elegantly designed to be worn on an everyday basis. Its gently curved edges and brushed silver construction lend a sense of refinement to any outfit. Wider than most rings, the Valor Wide Ring radiates strength and is excellent for any man looking to show off his confident personality.

Dog Tag Necklaces

Live brave dog tag necklace

While dog tag necklaces were originally part of military uniforms, they gradually spread to a range of fashion circles. Dog tags can be inscribed with the wearer’s name, details, a favorite quote, or any other personally meaningful information.

Beginning in the late 1990s, they also became popular for celebrities and singers to wear and give away as merchandise. Today, many companies offer personalized dog tag engraving service, including Stephen David Leonard. I’ve also designed a few pre-made dog tag necklaces, including the Live Brave Dog Tag Necklace in pewter. This stainless steel necklace features a tag reading “BRAVE” in vertical letters with an accented, darkly colored “A.”

More than other men's necklace styles, dog tags represent what’s most important to a man. The Live Brave dog tag necklace reveals a man’s commitment to staying courageous in the face of adversity, constantly reminding its wearer to live bravely.

Men's Jewelry Guide

Mens Jewelry Guide

For men who are used to thinking of jewelry as a women's accessory, it can be easier said than done to start wearing jewelry. That’s why I’ve written a men's guide to jewelry that answers men's most frequently asked questions about jewelry for men and gives you a jumping-off point for how to style jewelry.

My guide explains that jewelry is a highly personal accessory. Everything from the size, shape, and material can have a significant impact on the overall feeling and meaning of the piece. Jewelry can thus have a variety of highly powerful meanings, whether it be a lost loved one or a reminder of your religious faith.

Before choosing a piece, let alone wearing it, it’s crucial to identify your personal style. Whether you prefer the earthiness of leather or the elegance of sterling silver, jewelry should reflect your individuality.

On the other hand, there are important considerations to take into account when deciding what piece of jewelry is right for you and your lifestyle. My guide includes tips like matching your metals and wearing one precious stone at a time, so you can ensure you’re not wearing too much.

Don’t take my word for it -- check out my guide to jewelry for men here for all the top tips for men new to wearing jewelry.

Express Your Individuality with Men’s Jewelry

Express Your Individuality

No long is jewelry just for women and celebrities. Today, jewelry for men is a rapidly growing sector of the jewelry industry. Thanks to changing fashions, loosening gender roles, and men’s increasing desire for personal self-expression, jewelry for men is hotter than ever.

If you’re new to the world of jewelry, check out my collection of rings and bracelets at www.stephendavidleonard.com. Elevate your fashion sense and represent what’s most important in your life with Stephen David Leonard's personalized jewelry for men.

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