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Learning the Christian Symbols and Meanings

In Christianity, there are a variety of Christian symbols and meanings. These symbols are used to represent faith, devotion, love, and other Christian values. They aren’t just seen in churches, but on clothing, in artwork, and even worn as jewelry. Whether you’re a dedicated Christian or just curious about the religion, learn more about these important symbols and what they can mean to you.

The Cross

Chosen Cross Necklace by Stephen David Leonard

The most common and well-known Christianity symbol is the cross. The cross is portrayed everywhere— in church buildings, in decorations at home, on t-shirts and maybe your own personal jewelry. Even those who don’t consider themselves Christians are most likely familiar with the cross symbol, and many are aware of its meaning and importance to Christianity.

If you are a follower of Jesus, then there’s no doubt that you know the importance of the cross. Jesus, the Son of God, came to the world as a human to be put to death on a cross, an old execution form. He died on the cross and was buried in a tomb, only to be brought back to life 3 days later. His death and resurrection was a sacrifice made to forgive each and every one of us of our sins. With this done, Jesus bridged the gap between us and God. Because of the cross, we are saved and can have a personal relationship with the Father.

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It may seem strange to some that Christians wear an old torture and death device on jewelry, but for many Christians, cross jewelry is a way to represent their faith to the world around them. The symbol of the cross shows that we are redeemed by a love and grace way beyond any ability to comprehend. With symbols of the cross, we are reminded of this incredible second life we have been given by Jesus’s sacrifice.

Now you may know the purpose of the Christian cross symbol, but did you know there are different styles of crosses in Christianity? Each of the different types of Christian crosses has its own history and meaning, so it’s important to know and understand the cross you wear.

Types of Crosses

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Latin Cross

The Latin cross is the most famous cross symbol around the world. It consists of a longer vertical arm going down, with the other three arms being shorter and equal in length. The Latin cross is a clear symbol of faith and God’s grace. It is one of the most common cross symbols found in jewelry.

If you’re looking for a cross necklace for women, we have a variety of women’s cross necklaces in this specific style.

Roman Cross Coin Necklace and Ancient Cross Ring by Stephen David Leonard

Greek Cross

The Greek cross was more common in the earlier years of Christianity. It appears similar to the Latin cross, except all of the arms are equal in length, making it look closer to a plus sign (+).

This cross can look more masculine, which makes it a good mens cross pendant. If you’re wanting a men’s cross necklace, consider a Greek cross. We have a variety of Greek cross designs that can suit any man of faith.

Simple Hammered Cross Ring by Stephen David Leonard

St. Peter’s Cross

St. Peter’s cross also has its roots in early Christianity. It looks the same as a Latin cross, except it is flipped upside down. One of Jesus’s twelve apostles, Peter, was also executed on a cross. Peter felt unworthy of being crucified the same way Jesus was, so he had his cross flipped and was hung upside down. This cross therefore symbolizes humility.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross emerged in the Early Middle Ages in the United Kingdom. The cross looks similar to the Latin cross, except it has a circle around its center where the arms meet. The circle symbolizes a halo, representing holiness and eternal life.

Other Christian Symbols and Meanings

Other than the cross, there are plenty of meaningful symbols used throughout the history of Christianity. Many of these symbols have roots in scripture, making them all the more purposeful to those that follow the Bible. Many of these symbols are used in Christian jewelry and accessories to serve as reminders or as representations of faith.

Christian Fish

In the early days of Christianity, the Christian fish was a secret symbol used to identify Christians with one another. Today, it is still used as a way for Christians to openly express their beliefs and identity.

Fish are a frequent theme in the Bible. Many of Jesus’s twelve disciples were fishermen. When they chose to follow Jesus, he said that they would be “Fishers of men”, meaning they would spread the news of Jesus to others, sharing the faith.


The dove has a few different meanings in the Christian faith. First, a dove returned to Noah on the ark with an olive branch, symbolizing the end of the flood and God’s judgment. The dove, shown with or without an olive branch, can represent peace and new beginnings. A dove was also seen in the Gospels during Jesus’ baptism. After he was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove, revealing his holiness and purity.

Crown of Thorns

During his crucifixion, a crown made of thorns was placed on Jesus’s head to mock him. This is a very distinct symbol representing the suffering Jesus went through to save us from our sins. In the Bible, thorns are often used to represent sin, so as Jesus wore the crown of thorns, he was bearing our sins on the cross. And while they saw the crown as a way to mock Jesus, Christians know him as the true king of kings. His kingship is made all the more humble with his crown of thorns.

Anchor of my Soul Necklace by Stephen David Leonard


The anchor is a well known symbol, usually for its association with ships. Anchors are heavy weights used to keep a boat in one location. When something is “anchored”, that means it is held down and steady. In Christianity, the anchor can represent firm faith and hope in Jesus. When life tosses you around like a storm at sea, being anchored in God can help hold you steady. An anchor necklace is a good reminder of God’s strength that holds you.

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