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Personalized Cross Necklaces

Our men's personalized cross necklaces (sterling silver) symbolize our strength, faith, and bravery. For centuries the cross has represented courage for those of faith. We personalize each sterling silver cross necklace to your desired specifications. As the cross is worn it reminds us in every situation, in every decision, that life is a gift. We are to live a life consistently and in accord with who we are called to be.

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Made with purpose

We are all designed for a purpose. Our lives, our journey, is meant to be lived to follow our passions, share love with the ones around us, and grow into the best versions of ourselves. We have a God who created each of us with a purpose, and helps us live that purpose courageously. He puts a lot of thought and love into each and everyone one of us, and when we each reach our purpose, together we bring His grace, beauty, and love into the world.

Finding your purpose can be a journey all of its own. For some of us, we are certain at a young age where our path will lead us. For others, it takes years of trial and error, testing out one path and then another. It may even take most of your life. Some may not have a clear calling, or may feel like they have multiple callings throughout their lifetime, and that’s okay too. Life is the journey to finding your purpose, and if you are following your faith and living in your values, you are on your way to becoming the person you were created to be.

The symbol of the cross

The cross is a strong Christian symbol representing faith, grace, courage, and love. Christians have worn the cross for centuries as a declaration of their faith, and a reminder of the great sacrifice God made. The symbol is still used today as a representation of faith, and is seen in many forms and places. The cross is used on jewelry, Bible covers, clothes, even tattoos. It is used as an altar in churches, and decoration in homes. Despite its brutal nature, seeing the cross is a comfort for Christians.

Not only does the cross represent faith and the forgiveness of sins, but also courage, perseverance, truth, and love. That’s why even those who aren’t religious can sometimes be seen representing this powerful symbol.

Profess your faith

Just like the legacy of Christians before you, wearing the cross can be a way for you to profess your belief. At our shop, we have a wide selection of personalized cross necklaces you can choose from to be worn as an everyday symbol of your faith. Not only will your personalized cross necklace be a powerful statement to those around you, but having it with you will give you encouragement and strength to live out your values. A personalized cross necklace will help guide your way.

Find your own personalized mens cross necklace

Our personalized cross necklaces for men are custom made with sterling silver. Each is handcrafted by our expert artisans, and designed with a meaning in mind. With the variety of styles and purposes, every man can find a cross necklace that suits his personal journey. You can even have your initials added for an even more personalized piece. Find one for yourself, or pick out a design as a special gift for someone you care for. A personalized cross necklace makes a great coming of age present for a recent graduate, or a thoughtful reminder for someone going through a challenging path on their journey.

Choose your style

Every man is different, every story of faith is unique. That’s why we offer a wide variety of styles on our cross necklaces for men. Choose a more rugged version, like our ‘Steadfast Cross Necklace’ to bring you steadfast strength on your journey. Or our ‘Flourish Cross Necklace’ as a reminder to share the blessings with those around you, and grow in your faith.

If you like a minimal style, then our ‘Thrive Silver Cross Necklace’ may be the choice for you. The small pendant makes a big impact and reminds us of the abundant provisions given to us by God. Or, if you’d like something more bold, the ‘Prevail Cross Dog Tag Necklace’ is a strong look. It shows how you can overcome any challenges in your way with the help of God.

Your story is unique, so perhaps you’d like a more unique design. The ‘Accord Cross Necklace’ has a special, angular shape which inspires you to live out your own personal path. Our ‘Completeness Cross Necklace’ is another unique design, with three hatch marks on each end signifying the completeness of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Our cross necklaces come in a variety of styles representing the diversity and beauty of God’s kingdom. We were all created as unique, individual people all equally loved by God. Every one of us has their own story of faith that represents the all encompassing grace of God. Share in this wonderful truth by finding the personalized cross necklace that connects to you.

Make it meaningful

While each of our cross necklaces are designed and made with a purpose, ultimately you are the one that gives it meaning. Your personalized cross necklace is what you make of it. The reminder you need throughout the day, the value you want to live by, the message you wish to tell the world. You decide what the cross means to you.

What is the purpose behind your cross necklace?

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