Practice Won’t Be Perfect

“Only perfect practice makes perfect.” But if only perfect practice makes perfect, only the perfect could ever practice and no one could ever learn anything new.

The truth is we all start bad at anything worth doing. Learning guitar has taught me it takes time to teach my fingers and my brain to form the correct chords with the correct strumming to play a song. Learning is hard and rewarding.

I created and wear the Valor Ring because it takes determination and valor to take the initial step and sign up for the journey. Whether you’re learning to play guitar, taking on a home project, prepping for a promotion at work, taking steps to improve your relationships or more, perfection is usually the enemy of progress. But we can all practice, even if imperfectly.

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  1. Yes Mr. Stephen Leonard,
    I signed up for your inspirational with faith email.

    I ordered for my nephew the bronze cross coin and as he’s a new father I had the back inscribed with his baby daughter’s name (SKYE LIN, Scottish & Chinese). This he can put in his pocket .

    I’m a low income senior and can’t afford much. Still, somehow I want to gain points and wanted to know where I can do that on your menu, so the only place I could find was your blog which I love.

    Once I get enough points I would like to buy a Valor Ring, even a couple, but I’ll have to wait for a while.

    Thank you for your personal thoughts because the pandemic sure seemed to set me kiltering (a new word) off and I don’t know what I am doing half the time.

    Deborah Jo Dow

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