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Men's Personalized Rings

Men's personalized rings unique to your journey. We all face mountains to climb with a story to tell. Whether it's goals, obstacles, facing fears, or personal growth, our determination, faith, and strength will carry us through. Our entire collection of personalized rings for men can be engraved with a special name, date or phrase that represents you and your journey. Get the inside inscribed with a personal message or engrave the outside and let the rest of the world know who you are. Represent your continuing journey and growth with a unique to you personalized men's ring.

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  1. Handcrafted in California
  2. Life Together Ring Pair [14k Gold]
    Life Together Ring Pair [14k Gold]
  3. Withstand Ring [14k Gold]
    Withstand Ring [14k Gold]
  4. Ring Sizer
    Ring Sizer
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Tell your story with personalized rings for men

We all face our own mountains to climb. Each of our journeys is unique, with our own goals, challenges, and outcomes. Our experiences are what make us who we are. Whether it's goals, obstacles, facing fears, or personal growth, our determination, faith, and strength carry us through. In the end, we have a story to tell that is entirely our own.

When we remember the paths that have led us to where we are today, we are reminded of the qualities and gifts we gained along that journey. Custom engraved mens rings let us celebrate the places we’ve been, the places we’ll go, and the people who have journeyed with us along the way. With personalized engraving, you can add a special name, date, or phrase that represents you and your story.

Whether engraved on the inside as a private reminder for yourself, or on the outside as a statement for the world to see, your custom rings for men represent your continuing journey. When you see it on your hand throughout the day, you’ll be reminded of who you are and the man you are becoming.

We offer a wide variety of custom male rings in different styles, widths, metals, and finishes. That way, each man can find a men’s personalized ring that he connects to and can make his own through personalization. Which ring best represents you?

Dedicated to the Roads We’ve Traveled

How would you describe your journey so far? Imagine your journey as a pathway among the mountains. Has it been rough around the edges with pockets of rugged, uphill growth? Or has it been a path marked with potholes and dangers? Perhaps you’ve had a relatively smooth journey, with some twists and climbs along the way.

When we see our route before us, it’s almost impossible to determine all of the turns and hills we will have to face. But when we look behind us, at where we have been, we can clearly perceive the course we have traveled. With customized rings for him, we can take the pathway we traveled and wrap it around our fingers. This constant reminder serves us as we face each day.

Find a custom guys ring that resembles your path, and dedicate it to the road you’ve traveled.

Meet our Personalized Mens Rings

We have a whole collection of custom made rings for guys. With our variety of designs and metals, every man can find a ring he can make his own.

Valor Wide Ring

Our Valor Wide Ring suits the man who has faced his mountains with bravery and valor. Celebrating personal growth and the facing of one’s fears, this design is dedicated to the pathways that have taken risks to climb. The Valor Wide Ring is designed out of shining sterling silver, with a matte finish that gives it a clean, smooth texture. The wide band makes a statement on your hand, while the imperfect edges give it a handcrafted look that’s as unique as your story. Get it engraved on the inside with a reminder to “be strong” or “go for it”. Or, add the date of an important event or life decision that took courage to achieve, or with the name of a person that encourages you in walking upright and brave.

Our Valor Wide Ring is a favorite among customers, and it’s easy to see why. Unlike any other ring, this uniquely molded ring is strikingly bold and different. With the design and custom engraving, this ring is as one of a kind as your story.

Collide with the Sky Ring

The Collide with the Sky Ring offers an inspiring outtake to any man looking to go above and beyond. This ring represents the ability to rise to new challenges as we achieve our dreams. When facing an uphill climb, it can motivate us to continue our rise. We don’t need to be afraid of heights, no one has ever collided with the sky. We may fear climbing too high, or reaching a certain level of achievement too soon. We may even fear that, once on top, the only way to go is down. But we soon realize that there is always room for growth and expansion.

Our Collide with the Sky Ring offers a variety of metals and textures. In a smooth sterling silver, the ring has a classic and timeless look to it that any man can incorporate into his style. If you want a more edgy look, the rough appeal of the antiqued sterling silver may be for you. The textured surface with dark markings offers a more unique, masculine look. If you’re looking for custom gold rings for men, this design is also crafted in 10K and 14K gold, in both the classic and antiqued look. Choose your style and metal, then customize the inside with a meaningful message to design your own, one-of-a-kind ring that tells your story!

Withstand Stacking Ring

Withstanding the tests in our lives, textures and shape us. These are the marks that reflect the story of our lives. Our Withstand Stacking Ring’s textured finish symbolizes these spots in our stories. When we are on our journey, we are bound to run into potholes on the road. Everyone faces bumps and curves along their way. These trials shape us into who we are. Celebrate all you’ve endured with this ring pair.

The Withstand Stacking Ring comes with two rings that can be stacked together on one finger, or spaced out on separate fingers. Wear one or both as a reminder of all the trials you’ve overcome. Stacking the two rings together gives a more substantial look, while wearing just one is a subtle nod to your journey. Or, you can order one [or add on a third] with our Withstand Ring. The design comes in both sterling silver and gold, with antiqued or satin finishes. Fans of mens personalized rings sterling silver will appreciate the antique or satin sterling silver design, while those looking for a more classic look will choose the gold option. Getting the sterling silver ring antiqued gives the marks a dark, prominent look that stands out against the metal. The inside can be engraved with a reminder of what you’ve overcome, or the name of someone who helped you along the way. How will you style yours?

Strong + True Ring

When you live in line with your stories, you lead a strong and true life. Having the integrity to live your truth is what will help you along your path. The Strong + True Ring design represents living in line with your values. At home, work, and play, you live a life of faithfulness. The four, square sides of the ring represents the willingness to live in integrity, while the rivets in each corner symbolized the strength a true life requires.

The Strong + True Ring is available in a variety of widths and styles. Choose between the traditional, wide, or the new narrow style based on how much you’d like your ring to stand out. Then, pick a metal and finish. Choose from sterling silver or gold, and a black, hammered, or satin finish. On our unique, black sterling rings, the surface is sandblasted to give it a black matte surface. Unlike any other ring, this finish causes it to stand out, giving a bold statement to those around you. Or, pick the unique sterling silver with a hammered finish. Once handcrafted, the ring is hammered to give it an artisan feel. After you choose the look that fits your style and story, make it complete with a custom engraving on the inside of the band. Proclaim your faith, share your love for someone, or remind yourself of a value you strive to live by.

Make Your Mark Signet Ring

While most of our rings come with custom engraving on the inside of the band, our personalized signet rings for him let you show the world your story. On our Make Your Mark Signet Ring, you can engrave monograms, initials, dates, or Bible verses on the outer surface of the band. Signet rings have been used for centuries as a seal of royalty. With engravings, stones, or family crests on the outside, these rings mark the intentions and story of the wearers. A King proclaims his right to lead with a signet ring passed down by his family before him. A symbol of legacy and power, these rings are the perfect way to share your history.

Your journey is a product of the stories that have come before you. Your story will impact the journeys that come after you. The organic style of the Make Your Mark Signet Ring is a reminder that your life marks the world around you. We all affect the people and systems we come in contact with. Whether that’s a negative or positive impact is up to you. Either way, none of us can fly under the radar, we all have more influence than we know. Dedicate yourself to making a positive mark on the world around you with this ring. In sterling silver, antiqued sterling silver, or gold, this is a legacy building ring you can pass down to the ones you love.

Life Together Ring Pair

Our Life Together Ring Pair is a reminder that life is best lived in community. No one is meant to walk their journey alone. We were made to form deep, authentic connections with those around us. When we form meaningful relationships with others, our lives feel more complete and whole. We all have people who play a strong part in our story. Those closest to us have helped guide us along hard paths, celebrated with us when the road was easy, and cheered us on as we climbed our mountains. This ring honors all those we do life with.

The Life Together Ring is made up of two parts forming a whole, reminding us we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Separately, the rings are incomplete, but when connected they form a classic rounded ring shape. Add personalization where the rings come together to remember those closest to you with a name, date, or phrase that reminds you of them. Available in both sterling silver and gold, the ring is completed with a textured finish that sets it apart from other designs. Truly an unforgettable piece, the Life Together Ring Pair is a favorite from our collection of personalized rings for him.

Word of Honor Ring

The Word of Honor Ring represents the importance of our words. The words we say aren’t meaningless. When we give someone our word, we are committing ourselves to honesty and accountability. Just like at a wedding when the bride and groom give their vows to each other, the words we choose to say act as a promise to the ones we speak to. That’s why we speak with truth and honor, using our words to build up our relationships and integrity. Our words can be used to share our stories too. We connect with others through honest and vulnerable storytelling. That’s why, with personalized rings, we engrave meaningful words and phrases we’d like to share and remember.

In a classic and smooth look, this handcrafted band can be used for wedding vows or promises to yourself. Commit your honest and authentic self to the ones you care for most. Wedding rings should be personal and unique to your story. With this ring, wear your vows on your finger as a constant reminder to love with honesty, integrity, and truth.

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