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Word of Honor Ring [Sterling Silver]

Word of Honor Ring [Sterling Silver]

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At a wedding, the marriage isn't complete until each partner gives a vow out-loud to each other and their future together. With the words "I do", they promise to stay together in mutual love and respect, through thick and thin. Our words aren't meaningless. When we give someone our word, we are committing ourselves to honesty and accountability. That's why we strive to speak with truth and honor, using our words to build up our relationships and our respectability.

Wedding rings should be personal and unique to your story. With this ring, wear your vows on your finger as a constant reminder to love with honesty, integrity, and truth.

Handcrafted in sterling silver, this band measures 10mm tall, and fits true to size. Customize your ring with a meaningful name, word, or date, uppercase only.

Need help finding your ring size? Purchase a ring sizer or download a printable guide here!

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Special Price $70.99 Regular Price $99.99
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